Best Stunt Scooter Under 100

2 CommentsFriday, 4 January 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

With the explosion of stunt scooters in the UK we are seeing more and more new brands hit the market. This has brought a wider range of scooters for riders to choose from in a market that was once dominated by the likes of JD Bug, Madd Gear and Slamm.

These days pretty much every price range is catered for. For most begineer or intermediate riders £70-£100 will get you a decent stunt scooter that is going to stand up to some rough and tumble.

If you are looking at spending around £100 you will get some higher spec components but not all of them. 

We have narrowed it down to two scooters that we stock that we feel offer the best value for money with a price range of £100 or less.

Firstly the Slamm Mischief

This is the next model up for Slamm from the ever so popular Slamm Rage. The Slamm Mischief at around £90.00 offers a threadless headset with IHC Compression system and is one of the only models in this price range to do so. A threadless headset will give you a smoother ride if looked after properly. Threadless headsets are favoured amongst pro riders and normally found on more expensive scooters. 

The Slamm Mischief also has a punched fork which has been strengthened and cast from one piece of metal. If you are into landing hard on a scooter then this should help stop the forks from snapping. With a flex break this model really does have some great spec for its price.



Secondly the Grit Fluxx


The Grit Fluxx has been updated and the 2013 model is available from October 2013. The new model has had some really good improvements to it over the old Fluxx and is now a great contender for the best stunt scooter under £100. The bars are now the Elite style Y bars which look awesome. The bearings are upgraded to ABEC 9’S. The wheels unlike the Mischief are metal core and with a new blade style look.  However you do not get a threadless headset on this model.

The deck is a one peice construction giving added strength and has a flat bottom plate with a 3 degree concave giving the rider greater control when performing tricks and stunts. You also benefit from a quick stop flex break.


Or another option but limited, the Grit Extremist Pro

The Grit Extremist Pro scooter comes in at around the same price as the Slamm Mischief. What the Extremist Pro offers though that the Mischief doesn’t is metal core wheels. This type of wheel is going to be stronger than plastic core wheels offered on other models in this price range.  The Extremist Pro offers all the same good quality spec as the standard Extremist but for an extra £10.00 you get upgraded wheels.

However it is worth noting that the Extremist Pro is a limited edition and once stock of this model is exhausted it will not be replaced.

So when it comes to the best stunt scooter for under £100 the choice is personally up to the rider. Metal core wheels versus a threadless headset. At the moment you won’t find both on a stunt scooter less than £100.00