Best Stunt Scooter for 5 year old

Sunday, 13 April 2014  |  Stunt Scooters

So my little girl turns 5 next month and she is wanting a new scooter. She currently has a plastic 3 wheel micro one but has shown alot of interest in the local skate parks. I was thinking about getting the aluminum micro two wheel one, but as this is collapsable and the build quality doesn't look great I am not convinced if she wants to use it a bit more rigorously for doing jumps and stuff as she gets older.
I was looking at your package deal for under 8's.


Hi Ian

Many Thanks for your contact.  Ok from what you are saying it definitely sounds like your daughter needs to upgrade to a stunt scooter.  That said Micro do have a very good reputation but as you have identified a collapsible scooter is definitely not recommended for riders that want to start performing trick and stunts as if the scooter were to collapse accidently this could be dangerous for the rider.

Also as you have identified when looking for a stunt scooter for a young rider there is very limited choice due to bar size and almost all stunt scooters having full sized stunt bars which come in around the 500mm-600mm in height.  Bars should sit around waist height on a rider for best control, any lower and the rider will be wobbly and not have full control over the scooter and it will also be very difficult to get any lift when performing tricks.

For this very reason we put together the Under 8's package deal but are the only store to offer this package as far as I am aware.  Slamm are a very popular brand with younger riders and the package we have put together allows the shorter bars to be put on first then when the rider has grown swap back to the higher bars

If you  measure your daughter from toes to belly button you will be able to gauge what would be best.  When you put on the low T Bar the overall height from deck where the rider stands to the top of the bars would be 64.5cm. With a full sized Slamm Rage the bars would come  approximately 74cm from deck to bars.

Please let me know if you require any further help or information.