Best Kids Scooter around £120

5 CommentsMonday, 5 November 2012  |  Stunt Scooters

Looking to move on from your starter stunt scooter but not sure which model to choose?  There are new stunt scooter manufacturers making contact with us every week, as the scooting craze continues to grow and everyone wants in. But this just means that the choice out there is even more overwhelming, so where do you begin? 

Some people start out by taking a look in the skate parks and checking out what fellow riders have chosen as their weapon of choice on the ramps.  This may give you some idea of what's in trend but what if you are looking for an upgrade that cuts the mustard AND has more of a unique feel?

My view on the best scooter for £120 or around this mark is the Mod Lite V2. Both my own son and my business partner’s son ride these, having tried quite a few other models out there – the perks of parents with a scooter store hey! 

The reason I love the Mod Lite scooter is that it has everything you need for an intermediate ride yet it’s still reasonably priced.  You get the compression system, flex break and metal core wheels, and it’s a lovely smooth ride. Worth noting too that you can upgrade to 110mm wheels without needing any further adjustments to the scooter.    I know some riders out there love to funk up their scooters and get caught up in the graphics but I think the one tone colour option on the Mod Scooter looks slick, having bar, wheels and deck the same shade keeps things simple.  Apart from the odd tighten up this scooter is lasting well, even when it  gets left outside in the rain!!

I have to say that the Mod Lite V2 is an improvement on the V1.  The first V1 model suffered a little with easy paint chips and the packaging was not quite up to scratch.  However, the guys down at Mod have listened to the feedback and have both updated the packaging and the paint.  What more could you ask?

If you are seeking a kid’s scooter for about £120 and want to go for a better known brand then my other choice would be the Grit Elite, just updated to the 2013 model.  This is ultra-light at around 3.5kg, has neat wheels and has just been revamped changing from a ICS to a HIC system. 

Other comparable scooters within this price range which you may also want to consider are the Slamm Fury – new colour choice just out is the Toxic in green and Black, and the Shockwave colour way is anticipated for November, perfect timing for Xmas.   You may also want to take a look at the new stunt scooter range from JD bug, the MS118CNC model in blue dog tooth design really stands out.  We’d be interested to hear from any riders of this model for some feedback.

If you have any of these scooters let us know which you think is the best. Or which one you have on your Christmas wish list?



Tuesday, 6 November 2012  |  20:06

i have the mod lite pro v1 purple

Stunt Scooters
Wednesday, 7 November 2012  |  14:29

Hi Vlad, good to hear someone else loves the Mod Lite Scooter

Friday, 28 June 2013  |  15:22

My son has a JD bug model MS105Y, I have found the headset to be a rickety piece of crap. How much do we have to spend to get a decent headset and how can we buy a scooter based on the build quality instead of by what is on trend and what colour it is? I don't understand why scooters cost so much, you get a lot more bmx for your money these days, surely this should translate to scooters too?

Stunt Scooters
Monday, 8 July 2013  |  12:29

We donít currently stock that model but you will find that most scooters under the £80 mark come with a standard threaded headset. If you are looking for a decent headset you will need to look at scooters with compression systems and threadless headset set up. Although a lot of this very much depends on the experience of the rider.