Best Beginners Stunt Scooter

1 CommentWednesday, 21 January 2015  |  Stunt Scooters

Stunt Scooters have grown so popular that more and more young riders want a scooter they can perform tricks on rather than a foldable scooter, but what is the best beginners stunt scooter? 

Although demand has grown there has been a real lack of choice for beginner stunt scooters.   We often get asked questions like which is the best stunt scooter for my four year old? And in reality over the past few years there has been hardly any choice in proper stunt scooters.

Yes you can get the JD Bug classic which to date is still a good choice for young riders.  However, as this model is foldable it's not a stunt scooter for trying out tricks on.  

So we spent some time last year mentioning to our brands that we need a solid stunt scooter suitable for the young scooter rider and Christmas 2014 saw two new models hit the streets from two different well recognised and reputable brands.

Slamm released their Slamm Tantrum and Grit released the Grit Atom.  Both these models should be suitable for smaller stunt scooter riders.  The Slamm Tantrum was available a few years back but they stopped production only to bring it back again, thankfully!!

So what's the difference between the two options:


Tantrum - Shorter for young riders at 500mm.  From the deck where  the rider stands to top of bars the height would be 66cm or 26 inches approximately.  The width 430mm.

Atom - Shorter for young riders at 500mm. From the deck where the rider stands to top of bars the height would be 66cm or 26 inches approximately.The width 460mm.

So the bar height is the same for both model however the Atom has 30mm extra in width.


Tantrum - Width 107mm or 4.2" and length 477mm or 18.8".

Atom - Width 100mm or 4" and length 500mm or 19.7".


Tantrum- 100mm 88a Nylon Core.

Atom- 100 85A Nylon Core.

So the Atom has a slightly softer wheel which may wear quicker but will grip more to the ground.       


Tantrum Spring Brake.

Atom Super Coil Spring Brake.

They both have the same type of break which is very easy for young riders to push down on and stop.


Tantrum  4.1kg

Atom 3.3kg

The Atom is lighter in weight and this helps if the rider is trying to learn tricks when lifting the scooter off the ground or completing jumps at a skate park. Although heavier than the Atom, the Tantrum is still lighter in weight than Slamm's next model up - the Rage Urban.

All in all, both these models have everything going for them for a stunt scooter for beginners and I think it could come down to personal choice in the graphics and colours.

However if you want a Slamm Rage Urban or Mischief with shorter bars check out our Under 8's package deal. Otherwise check out the links below as both these models are contenders for the best beginners stunt scooter and as always, we are here to help you if you require further information

Click here for the Slamm Tantrum

Click here for the Grit Atom