Bar Height for 5 Year Old

Tuesday, 26 November 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

Hi, I am very interested in the mod lite v2 for my 5 year old daughter who is 110cm tall, but I am slightly concerned that the handle bars may be too high? Could you please advise your thoughts and also the height of the bars from the deck? She will not be using it for stunt riding simply scooting around the parks etc.
If this scooter is not suitable could you recommend a similar quality scooter that is?
Many thanks in advance,


Many Thanks for your contact. When it comes to bar height it’s a difficult one to judge. As a rule of thumb the scooter bars should sit around bellybutton in height. The main reason this is advised is because if the bars are too high the rider doesn’t have good control and if they were to go head first over the scooter the rider would likely hit their chest on the bars which could be nasty.

The Mod Lite is a great scooter and one my son currently rides but he is 11. I think he had his at 9 years old. The height of the bars from deck to top is 72cm so what you need to really judge is how much further past her bellybutton  72cm  comes? My gut feel is they would be too high? 

The other thing I would point out with the Mod scooter is the Flex break is pretty hard to push down on. The flex break on this model is set up quite high to accommodate a 110mm wheel if the rider wishes to change them. I know my son found the break difficult to use as he didn’t have the weight in him to push it down easy.

Another option to consider would be our Junior Stunt Scooter Package in which we offer a full sized Stunt Scooter with a low T-Bar. This means when you put on the low T Bar the overall height from deck to the top of the bars would be 64.5cm.

You can view more information about the package here.

As your daughter grows you can then put back on the original full sized bars. We can do this package  with almost any of the Slamm Scooter range. For more information on all their models see this page.

Have a think and please feel free to give us a call or e-mail back with any more questions.