Are Balance Boards Safe?

2 CommentsSunday, 13 December 2015  |  Stunt Scooters

This Christmas one of the must have gifts is a Balance Board. We have certainly seen the demand for them shoot up with several of our main suppliers now offering us their own versions.  As with any trend, everyone wants a piece of the pie and this has seen lots of individuals attempting to import these direct from China, missing out the middleman and giving them the ability to sell cheap.  We have also seen an increasing number of reports in the press about the safety of Balance Boards, with reports that some scooters have caught on fire or been supplied with faulty plugs.


So what can we tell you about the Balance Scooters we stock?

We are not alone in being contacted almost daily by suppliers, mainly directly from China, inviting us to stock their latest version of the boards.  These suppliers offer us great prices and the ability to make a fantastic profit.  However, we choose to do a little research and opted to only stock iSkute Balance Boards supplied to us by a long term, trusted supplier who is well established in the scooter industry.  Certainly not the cheapest motorised boards on the market, but definitely ones we have confidence in.  Our supplier has no only visited the China to source their preferred manufacturer of these products, they have also been back to oversee the quality control process once in production.  We therefore feel satisfied with the quality of the product but also have every confidence that should any issue arise, we have the full support from our supplier to rectify the problem quickly and efficiently for our customer.

UK Certified Chargers are supplied with iSkute Boards.

We are happy to confirm that not only are all the internal components of a very high quality, have passed the relevant tests and carry the correct certification for the UK and EU but they also work safely in conjunction with each other.  

Advice on Charging Glide Board Batteries.

For your peace of mind we recommend that you read the manual thoroughly and that you do not leave the product charging unattended, as with any electrical item of this nature.  You should avoid continuing to ride the board when the battery indictor is red and flashing as this may impact the service life of the battery.  Once full charging has occurred the light will change from red to green and the device should be unplugged.   Please be aware that extended charging after this will also affect the life of the battery.  It is important to ensure that the charging mouth is completely dry before connecting the charger.

Always wear full protection when riding.

Whether you are riding a skateboard, scooter, bike or balance board, protection is essential.  We strongly recommend wearing a helmet, and pads (knee, elbow & wrist) for your safety and protection when riding your iSkute Balance Scooter. 

Following these simple guidelines will help with the longevity of your device and ensure your safety.  We hope you enjoy your ride.