Are 110mm wheels better than 100mm wheels?

32 CommentsThursday, 3 January 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

Stunt scooters come with a variety of different wheels so what should you be looking for when buying a scooter or upgrading your current wheels.    When it comes to scooter wheels, does size really matter? 


First Scooters

You will often find younger children’s scooters such as first scooters or folding scooters come with bigger wheels. The reason for this is because a larger wheel gives a smoother ride, and will travel further with less effort exerted. Because these wheels are usually made with cheaper materials that don’t need to take a pounding (unlike stunt scooter wheels), the manufacturers can afford to make them bigger.


Beginner/Intermediate Stunt Scooters

When you move on to the beginner stunt scooter you will find that the wheel size drops down to 100mm with plastic cores to keep the prices low. Intermediate stunt scooters will often have metal core wheels to help take the impact but remain at 100mm in dimension.  Skate park surfaces are generally really smooth and clean so you don’t need to worry too much about absorbing any lumps or bumps in the surface.  

100mm wheels are perfect for this level of scooting and should last well unless you are in to sliding and skidding, in which case you can expect to have to replace your wheels regularly. If this is the case go for the highest PU rating you can afford nearest to 89a.


What is the scooter pro looking for? 

At around the £150 price range you will often find that the  wheel size increases up to 110mm, and the scooter professional will also be seeking an alloy core to the wheel, with as much cut out as possible to make it lightweight whilst remaining robust. 

The larger the wheel size the faster the ride, and also the less you will be affected by uneven street surfaces.  At this end of the market manufacturers can afford to invest in the wheel and make it larger.  Looking to the future it is likely that 120mm wheels will be increasingly popular amongst riders looking to take the sport to the next level.


Can you upgrade from 100mm to 110mm wheels?

The answer to this really depends upon the scooter you have.   You will need to measure the length of the forks and deck to check if they will allow for the larger size wheel. You will also need to take a look at the brake to ensure it will not sit directly on the larger wheel and wear against it. Often adjustment or replacement parts will be required. 

Some models such as the Mod Lite, come with 100mm but have been designed to allow an easy upgrade to 110mm wheels without the need for adjustment.  


Popular wheels

Our most popular wheels right now are the Slamm Ninja Star 100mm wheels. These not only look good but are lightweight too. 

Slamm have added them to their Mischief model to create the Mischief Ghoul  - same spec as the ever popular original scooter but with the plastic core wheels upgraded to these Ninga Stars.  A Christmas must have!     


Trevor West
Saturday, 31 May 2014  |  11:40

My grandson wears the rear tyre so that there is a flat spot. I removed the braking mechanism to try to stop him doing this, however he still manages to wear flat spots on the rear wheel. It doesn't take him long to do this.
Is it possible to replace the tyre only? If not are there wheels which have a harder rubber tyre which doesn't wear easily?

Stunt Scooters
Monday, 16 June 2014  |  14:39

Hi Trevor..
No it's not possible to replace the tyre only!! Try and get him to use a pumping action when he is braking rather than a continuous push on the brake, this should help even out flat spots. It's also worth trying to get a wheel with a high durometer like 88a, as the higher the durometer the harder the wheel material so may last him a little longer.

Sunday, 15 June 2014  |  19:57

I have an a.o scooter that has 110 mm wheeles. Can you replace them with 100mm wheels?

Stunt Scooters
Monday, 16 June 2014  |  14:38

Hi Charlie,

Thanks for your question.

As we don't currently stock AO scooters it's difficult to comment on that exact model....however, generally there would be nothing to stop you changing the wheels to smaller 100mm wheels, its just a case of undoing the bolts and swapping the wheels over, then bolting back up.

However, do be aware that the gap between the back wheel and the brake will now be further apart, so it will not be as easy to stop! You will find you need to push the brake down further to make contact with the wheel to slow yourself down.

You may find that bending the brake down when the wheel is off will help to lessen the gap, but do be careful not to put too much pressure on it when trying to bend it as you don't want it to snap!

Hope this helps, it would be great to know how you get on with the AO as we may look to stock these in the future...


Thursday, 16 October 2014  |  12:12

Hi the tyre has come off my 100mm grit 3 scooter. Can this be fixex or do i have to buy new wheel?


Stunt Scooters
Wednesday, 22 October 2014  |  11:49

Hi, You would need to buy a new wheel. It sounds like it has de-hubbed but I couldn't say for sure without seeing the wheel. See our blog on this if you need further information. You can though pick up some wheels for not to much money. We currently have a set of two Grit Alloy core wheels on offer for 20.00

Tuesday, 28 October 2014  |  13:31

Is it possible to upgrade the MicroExtreme MX TRIXX to 110mm wheels?
My son have the same problem, flatspots on the rear tire, thanks for the pumping advise!

Stunt Scooters
Tuesday, 28 October 2014  |  15:08

Hi Kenneth,

You would need to stick with 100mm really. 110mm may fit but you would have less gap between the brake and the wheel so braking would feel different.
Take a look at our wheels page.. we have a great deal on Grit wheels at the moment, half price for 100mm 88a rebounds.

Mathew Smith
Sunday, 23 November 2014  |  2:53

My son has a problem with trying to find new wheels for his scooter he got a new pair 100mm but the problem is the spacers that where in place between forks and wheel don't fit same on the back what's the problem ?

Monday, 1 December 2014  |  13:13

My son is getting a mgp scooter and wants to upgrade the 100m wheels to 110mm. Is this possible?

Stunt Scooters
Wednesday, 3 December 2014  |  11:37

Hi Jamie,

It may be possible to put 110mm on a scooter that has 100mm wheels if the space between the wheel and the break is wide enough on the back, and the wheel and the fork on the front.

If you measure the gap, allow for an extra 5mm. Even this the gaps allow for a larger wheel, remember that braking may feel very different because the wheel will be closer to the brake. The brake may need to be adjusted.

I can't comment on the exact model as we don't sell MGP scooters, but hope this general information helps.

Sunday, 21 June 2015  |  4:11

Hi I'm Brendan
I have a fuzion z300 and it was my first day using it today and the wheels came loose after about 4 hours of use do you think this is just a new scooter thing or will it be happening frequently?

Stunt Scooters
Tuesday, 23 June 2015  |  12:27

Hey Brendan,

Sorry to hear you're having problems with your wheels. You will probably find that this is a one off and that perhaps they just weren't done up tightly enough when factory assembled.

That said, as this is a moving part of the scooter, depending on how the scooter is ridden, type / frequency of use you should expect to need to tighten up parts on a semi regular basis.

If you over tighten the nut you can risk threading the bolt and this will cause the nut to constantly work lose. Some people use Loctite to hold the nut in place but do be aware this this will make it very difficult to remove at a later stage.

If you keep experiencing this problem over the next few weeks I'd advise you speak to the shop you purchased it from as they may offer to replace the bolt for you.

Good luck.