About Scooter Bars

Friday, 16 November 2012  |  Stunt Scooters

Bar height on fixed full sized Stunt Scooters are pretty much average at around 21-23 inches.  They are not adjustable to give strength in the bars so they don’t snap when a rider is performing tricks and stunts.

As a rule of thumb bars should come to around hip height on a rider.

 The bar height given on a stunt scooter does  not take into account the wheels the forks and head tube that the bars then sit in, so when bar height is quoted you need to add on around another 7-9 inches to give a picture of how high they will come.

If anything when it comes to stunt scooters its shorter people that need to consider having bars cut down to fit.  As if the bars come up to high the rider may not be able to control the scooter so well when riding or performing tricks thus putting their safety at risk.

Bars can take a lot of punishment from riders performing and landing stunts on them and usually the more you pay for your bars the stronger they are going to be.  Chromoly steel is quite often used in the manufacturing of bars as it is lightweight yet super strong.  Or bars made of 6061-T6 aluminium alloy has been subjected to a heat treatment to increase the overall strength yet still maintain a lightweight material.

One final note is to make sure your clamp is up to the job.  Clamps help take the stresses out of the bottom of the bars and a minimum of a triple clamp is recommended for stunt scooters on which riders do perform tricks.