A Scooter for a Disability

Saturday, 23 November 2013  |  Stunt Scooters

We received an e-mail from a lady wishing to help her husband who has MS to still get out and about with her and the kids. He has difficulty lifting one leg and she thought a scooter may help but wanted advice on what type of scooter.  Here's our advice:



Many thanks for your contact and what a great idea you have had to help your husband still be included in family time.

Ok so when you say Urban Scooter I think you are referring to the Dirt Scooters. So as you pointed out the main difference is the wheels.

Stunt Scooters tend to have smaller hard wheels that are great for smooth surfaces like the concrete in skate parks. Dirt Scooters have larger wheels with air in them much like a bike so are great for rough ground as the wheels absorb the impact of the bumpy surface much better than a small hard wheel.

Another difference is size as the Dirt Scooters are bigger than a Stunt Scooters especially in the deck area where the foot goes, as it’s wider at around 12-13cm. The bars are around 60cm high which would be considered high on a stunt scooter.

Dirt Scooters are slightly heavier and have a more solid feeling over a stunt scooter. Stunt Scooters are better the lighter they are due to the fact the rider wants to be able to perform flips etc.

I given this some thought then and personally for your husband I would go with a Dirt Scooters. It’s going to be a slower scooter than a stunt scooter but when you are out walking it will feel more comfortable underground. It also means you can go off road, river walks or something similar.

The Dirt Scooter will also feel more solid for him and with the wider deck there will be more room for his foot and being an adult the higher bars will be fine.

So unless he wishes to hit the skate park and out do the kids with stunt and flips the Dirt Scooter should be a great option. 

They do vary in price and as a rule of thumb you get what you pay for. That said again I wouldn’t think he would be tearing up and down hills on it!! The Grit and Crisp Dirt Scooters are both well made and from really reputable companies and priced middle of the road.

Please feel free to give us a call if you wish to discuss anything further.