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Life's too short to wear a bland backpack! 

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Madpax Spiketus-Rex Backpack - Full Black

Madpax Spiketus-Rex Backpack - Full Black£54.95   £21.95

Madpax Spiketus-Rex Backpack - Full Lime

Madpax Spiketus-Rex Backpack - Full Lime£54.95   £21.95

Madpax Spiketus-Rex Backpack - Half Streamers

Madpax Spiketus-Rex Backpack - Half Streamers£44.95   £19.95

Mojo Backpack - Cherry Bomb

Mojo Backpack - Cherry Bomb£24.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - City Lights

Mojo Backpack - City Lights£24.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - Denim Days

Mojo Backpack - Denim Days£29.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - Hypno Checker

Mojo Backpack - Hypno Checker£24.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - Hypno Tye Die

Mojo Backpack - Hypno Tye Die£24.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - Masta Blasta

Mojo Backpack - Masta Blasta£39.95   £14.00

Mojo Backpack - Pufft Pyramid Black

Mojo Backpack - Pufft Pyramid Black£29.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - Pufft Pyramid Pink

Mojo Backpack - Pufft Pyramid Pink£29.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - Quarterback

Mojo Backpack - Quarterback£29.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - The Crowd

Mojo Backpack - The Crowd£29.95   £14.95

Mojo Backpack - Winding Skull Road

Mojo Backpack - Winding Skull Road£29.95   £14.95

Page 1 of 1:    15 Items

From experience with my own children, my daughter in particular would always go off to school with her school bag which had a shoulder strap so would be carried on her shoulder.  No big deal lots of bags like this around but once you add in the school books and anything else she needed that bag weighed a ton.  Over time carrying this sort of weight day after day on one side of her body I felt would end up impacting on her posture.  So as a parent I gladly bought into the must have trend of the back pack. 

Backpacks are available from a number of brands and retailers, but when searching for the right product for our store I knew we wanted to have quality products that are also different from the backpacks other retailers are selling.  So from experience of buying backpacks for my kids I would say it’s definitely worth buying quality which doesn’t necessarily mean the most expensive.  We bought the cheap £10 backpack, it lasted a week.  We even bought a £30 backpack and I am sad to say it didn’t last the first term back at school.  Once all the books for school are in, the backpack is going to need strong straps at the top.  This is where both the others I bought failed.  It’s also worth looking at what pockets and compartments the backpack has.  In this day and age where most kids have tablets and iPods then these could do with extra protection inside a backpack as we all know kids aren’t the most careful when slinging their bags on the floor.  Quite a lot of backpacks are just the basic outer shell. 

Bags that sit on your back are the perfect way to carry all your belongings without loading down one shoulder and throwing you off balance.  This is even more important when riding on a bike, skateboard or scooter.  There is simply nothing worse then a bag that dangles and sways about, getting in the way and making it unsafe to ride.  All our backpacks are awesome to take out with you when doing action sports.  Don't forget, if you're nuts about  scooting we sell a huge range of scooters for stunts or recreational riding (stunt models have fixed bars) so check out all our pages. We have packed them with information which will help you decide which one suits you best.  Our bags are just as tough as our scooters so read on to find out more. 

Mojo Backpacks

The first things I love about these Mojo Backpacks are the graphics. This is pure art, inspired by the street scene, music and street art. I love the originality to the designs and graphics.

The second things I love about these backpack are the quality.  There’s reinforced bottom and back panels which is exactly where a backpack needs extra strength. The material used is either 600D Polyester and Polyester Twill or Nylon.  The D standing for the denier of the polyester or strength of the material. So a backpack made from 600D Polyester is going to be stronger than one made out of 400D Polyester.

The third is the actual thought that has gone into the design process.  A lot of the Mojo Backpacks have an internal padded sleeve for a tablet, giving some extra protection. Some have extra compartments or side pockets. Some have the signature MOJO chunky zipper for easy opening and some are backlight reactive which means they glow in the dark!  Each bag seems to have that something different about it making these bags truly unique. 

Ok so we know the backpack is a hot fashion trend of now but really it’s always been around and will be here to stay and not just for the younger generation. I absolutely love my Mojo Mona Lisa backpack!


Madpak Backpacks

The latest fashion trend in backpacks have arrived in the UK.  The Madpax range have proved massively popular in America and are favoured by the kids of the famous.

So the first thing you will notice are the designs.  Each pack has an awesome 3D effect with some vibrant colour options, so you're going to get noticed for having something a little bit different.

The material used for the "Spike" packs is Poly Urethane a leather lookalike like fabric that is easily cleaned.  While durable, this material has a top coating for colour; if dragged or abused the colour may wear or scratch. This is considered normal wear and tear and not be covered under our warranty. The interiors are lined with polyester/nylon. All zippers are smooth functioning nylon.

The Bubble and Blok packs use a polyester/spandex fabric. This material delivers durable and vibrant colours that are easily cleaned. The interiors are lined with polyester/nylon. All zippers are smooth functioning nylon.

The packs are offered in two sizes in the UK currently. A full Sized pack that will easily hold three 2 inch binders and pencil case, or a half pack version that will hold an I-Pad or things of similar size.

Features of the packs include side zipper pockets for small items so you're not rummaging around in the depth of the bag for keys/change!

Padded and adjustable shoulder straps with various buckles and sternum ensuring everyone can achieve a secure comfortable fit.

Inside padded laptop sleeve with secure fastening to help protect valuable tablets.

These pack are not just for the young, bring out the creative funky side of yourself!