About Us

StuntScooters.co.uk is a small friendly business started in early 2012 by business partners Haley and Claire. Prior to starting this business both of us worked together in management for a blue chip company for over 10 years. When the opportunity for redundancy came up it was time for a change and as we had worked together for so long we knew we would be compatible in making our business work.

We first got into Stunt Scooters by having three boys between us who are crazy about them. Learning about our products has been exciting and insightful from compression systems on scooters to making sure riders stay safe.

So whilst we may not be out there tail whipping with the rest of them (we leave that to our kids) we do certainly have a wealth of knowledge in customer service. Getting it right first time for the customer and brand awareness is something we lived by in our previous job and remains top of our mission statement for Stunt Scooters.

If you contact us with a question and we don’t know the answer we will go and find the answer out for you. If, in the rare event you have a problem with our service or products, we won’t shrug our shoulders and just say sorry, we will take ownership of the issue and keep you informed about what we are doing about it, the outcome that can be expected and when.

The aim of our website is to give our readers a little bit more than just showing you a picture of the product and listing the features. We have tried to give you more information on what those features may mean and a bit about the different brands on the market today.

In 2015 Haley set off on adventures new, although remains interested and fully supportive of the business, encouraging Claire in continuing the good work, fantastic customer base and supplier relationship already build up.

Please contact us if you have any feedback on our site or service or feel we have areas for improvement.  You may also like to read our testimonials page to find out what our existing customers have to say about our website and service.


Enjoy the website.