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Royal Scooters

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Royal Scooters are the same design and production team that brought us the MBS Mountain boards and Atom Long boards. They have now launched their first freestyle scooter the Royal Guard into the European market. Aimed at the entry level stunt scooter these have a lot to offer and slot in under the 100 price range.

Some of the first brands of Stunt Scooters have been around for some 10 years plus now. However over the past few years freestyle riding has become a true sport and the popularity of stunt scooters has rocketed.  This has seen new brands hit the market and Royal Scooters is one of them.  Our aim at Stunt Scooters is to supply our customers with scooters that not only look good but will hold up to the purpose they are built for.  For this reason when we look at stunt scooters we look at the materials used and the spec first of all.   We then compare the price with other brands in this range to make sure we can supply our customers with quality and a good deal.

There are two version of this scooter the Royal Guard A Core or the Royal Guard P Core.  The only difference between these models is the wheels and the touch of colour either blue or red on the graphics.

The Royal Guard A Core wheels are spokeless aluminium hubs.  These are going to be stronger than plastic hubs which come on the Royal Guard P Core wheel. The outer of the wheel on the A Core is made from 88a PU-cast and offers a high-rebound.  The 88a measures the hardness of the wheel with this wheel being at the higher end so harder than the 82a found on the P Core.  The 82a is a softer wheel which will give you great grip with the ground but may wear flat spots quickly if you are into hard breaking and skidding on a scooter.  Whereas the 88a will give you a fast ride on smooth surfaces but feel bumpier on rough ground but has a good wear factor.

The bearings also differ on these wheels.  The Royal A core wheels comes equipped with ABEC 9 2RS Chrome Steel Bearings compared to ABEC 5 Bearings on the Royal P Core wheel.  A good quality freestyle scooter should come with minimum ABEC 5 Bearings and these are going to be perfectly adequate.  If your into high end bearings they you may be tempted by ABEC 9 but at the end of the day it’s about looking after the bearings and keeping them lubricated that’s important.

Both models offer a super strong 6061-T6 Heat Treated Aluminium Deck and Bars. 6061-T6 aluminium alloy has been subjected to a heat treatment to increase the overall strength yet still maintain a lightweight material.  The 3 bolt bar clamp has also been made from 6061-T6 giving super strength at a part of the scooter that is most venerable.

Both models have Royal Y bars that are 450mm wide and have been reinforced with a crossbar for added strength.  The decks that are 110mm wide.

Both models come with a steel sprung aluminium brake and threaded headset.

So the only difference between these models is in the wheel spec.  For a first time scooter or if you are looking to upgrade to something stronger the Royal scooter looks great, is going to be different from what everyone else is riding and is a well made entry level freestyle scooter.  If you are looking at the Slamm Rage or the Grit Extremist then the Royal Scooters could well be an alternative.