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JD Bug Pro

With the explosion of performing tricks and stunts, scooters have had to evolve and adapt to withstand the force and weight of riders landing tricks on them. These types of Stunt Scooters typically have to have more strength in the decks and down tubes so the scooter doesn't snap and can perform to the standards required by riders today.  Whilst JD Bug is synonymous with folding scooters they do also make a range of stunt scooters within their JD Bug Pro Series range.

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JD Bug introduced the JD Bug Pro range of scooters for stunt riders who have taken scooters to the next level. The main difference with the pro range is that they are toughened up for durability to withstand tricks and stunts and some of the models come with JD Bugs lock and bolt system. This will allow the user to remove the traditional folding mechanism on the scooter and securely fix the bars to the deck. Some models also come as fixed stunt scooters which means the decks and connector which sits over the down tube are welded as one piece so these scooters will never be able to fold. Whichever pro model you chose if the rider is going to be performing epic stunts on the scooter the scooter needs to be fixed or bolted up as the last thing a rider wants is the scooter to collapse whilst in the middle of a tail whip.

JD Bug Pro Scooter - MS108

This scooter is a fixed scooter so the deck is a one piece with a square tube for extra strength. The MS108 Model also has a strong one-piece U bar which is a different design to other models and has a 360 degrees turn with BMX bar grips. Made of aircraft grade aluminium, the triple collar clamp also helps with strength and smoothness when landing stunts. The wheels are high end 4" aluminium core with ABEC7 bearings and gives the ultimate ride for any extreme purpose.  The steel fork and one piece handlebars ensure that this scooter can cope with the demand now expected by JD bug riders.  The Pro Series grip tape finishes this model with style.

JD Bug Pro Scooter - MS108C

This model is a similar spec to the MS108 but is priced slightly cheaper due to the 5" PU hub spoked wheels.  The plastci core on these wheels isn't as robust as alloy or metal so won't stand such a thrashing in the skate park.  If you are not planning to put a lot of impact on your wheels, by super large jumps and drops, yet still want to own a quality stunt scooter then this model could be the one for you.

JD Bug Pro Scooter - MS105Y

The is a great entry level stunt scooter with 'run fast' 5" PU wheels and ABEC 7 bearings.   The handle bars on the MS108Y.  With a aircraft grade aluminium design they feature one piece Pro 2 strong Y bars with a 360 degrees turn and Kraton BMX grips for extra comfort.   Steel forks also help to provide max strength on this model, along with the triple collar clamp.  Full length Pro Series JD Bug logo grip tape finish the look.









Wheels 4" Aluminium Hubs 5" PU Hubs 5" 'Run Fast' PU Wheels
Bearings ABEC-7 Chrome Bearings Abec 7 Chrome Bearings ABEC-7 Chrome Bearings
Bars One piece U bars One piece Pro Classic Bars One piece Pro 2 Strong Y-Bars
Grips BMX handlebar grip BMX handlebar grip Kraton BMX grips
Fork JD Bug pro threaded fork Steel Forks Steel Forks
Deck Fixed Aircraft Aluminium Aircraft Grade Aluminium Aircraft Grade Aluminium
Grip Tape Full Length PRO Series Full Length PRO Series Full Length PRO Series
Collar Clamp  Triple collar clamp Triple collar clamp Triple Coller Clamp
Dimensions 650 x 400 x 800mm 650 x 400 x 800mm 650 x 400 x 800mm
Max Rider Weight 100kgs(220 lbs) 100kgs(220 lbs) 100kgs(220 lbs)
Type Fixed Stunt Scooter Fixed Stunt Scooter Fixed Stunt Scooter