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Blue/Camo Extremist 2016 - Grit

Blue/Camo Extremist 2016 - Grit£89.95   £84.95  (1)

Green/Black Extremist 2016 - Grit

Green/Black Extremist 2016 - Grit£89.95   £84.95  (1)

Pink/Black Extremist 2016 - Grit

Pink/Black Extremist 2016 - Grit£89.95   £84.95  (5)

Yellow/Silver Extremist 2016 - Grit

Yellow/Silver Extremist 2016 - Grit£89.95   £84.95  (2)

Page 1 of 1:    6 Items

The Grit Extremist for both beginners and intermediate scooter riders. 

One of the most popular models in the Grit range is the Extremist Scooter.  For a long time it was their beginner model before the introduction of the Atom.  It has seen several upgrades over the years with the latest version being the 2015.  It's better quality than the last version (although this is reflected in the price which has gone back to an RRP of £80).  However for this extra we see the return of a serious beginner/intermediate stunt scooter.

Wheels - The primary upgrade for the current model focused on the wheels.  The now 88a 100mm Alloy cores are a quality addition and will take much more punishment than the plastic cores on the older version. 

Bars - Slightly lower 500mm bars help younger riders to feel more in control when riding. These are amongst the lowest stunt bars found on a full sized stunt scooter, with the Atom scooters being the other model to have the same sized bars but slightly lower spec.

Forks - The cut out forks not only look awesome but help to reduce the overall weight of this model to just 3.4kgs.

Deck - Lightweight yet made with heated treated Alloy for strength it will take the punishment from jumps and tricks.

Brake - The break is of the flex kind which is sturdier than the spring break but can be a little stiff for very young riders!

This Grit Extremist model is spot on in terms of both price and quality. It is perfect for newer riders for use in the skate parks or riding to school on.